Thesis electromagnetic radiation

Thesis electromagnetic radiation

FIG 1. Professor Arsene d’Arsonval 1813-1940. Physiologist and pioneer in medical applications and biological effects of radiofrequency energy.


Ahmed Wafik M.S. – Electromagnetic Phenomenon in our life & Utilizing BioGeometry in Urban Design

Architect & Urban Designer Ahmed Wafik M.S., presenting the work of his Master’s Thesis in Asheville, North Carolina, which is related to Energy Fields…  


Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.

University of California, Los Angeles. Includes information on the research projects supported by the group, publications and list of members…  


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Electromagnetic fields – we live in a sea of radiation

Health issues related to electromagnetic radiation exposure and chemical exposure..  


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University of California, Los Angeles. Includes information on the research projects supported by the group, publications and list of members…